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German utility innogy acquires PlugShare maker Recargo

innogy eMobility US, a subsidiary of German utility Innogy, has acquired software firm Recargo, maker of the PlugShare charging app. PlugShare is a network-agnostic EV charging application designed to give EV drivers accurate, up-to-date data for all charging stations, regardless of operator. It aims to provide a complete database of every charging location in the… Read more »

Recargo building out West Coast Electric Highway, researching higher charging levels

Earlier this year, Recargo, the parent company of PlugShare, won a $1.6-million grant from the California Energy Commission to help complete the West Coast Electric Highway, a network of charging stations that will eventually stretch from Canada to Mexico. In total, four companies were awarded nearly $9 million in grants for the project. Recargo, Chargepoint,… Read more »

Recargo to help complete the West Coast Electric Highway

Recargo, parent company to the charger locator app PlugShare, has been awarded $1.6 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to help complete key routes of the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH), a charging network that will eventually stretch from Canada to Mexico. Recargo is also investing some $575,000 of its own money in the… Read more »

Drive Solar offers California drivers a free charging station with solar system purchase

PlugShare, the maker of a popular charging station locator app and purveyor of public charging data, is betting that homeowners who go solar would also like to drive electric, and vice versa. Under PlugShare’s Drive Solar program, purchasers of a home solar system from Sungevity can receive a free GE WattStation home charging station, including… Read more »

Which companies are the top DC Fast Charger manufacturers?

DC Fast Charging addresses the EV’s greatest drawback, allowing drivers to conveniently add range and making long road trips possible. That’s why fast chargers are popping up like mushrooms along major highways around the world, and the market’s rapid growth is bound to continue. But which manufacturers are supplying most of the hardware? Plugshare’s popular… Read more »

Tesla Supercharger users rate experience far better than other Fast Charging users

Silicon Valley companies are notoriously obsessed with creating the best possible user experience. So, it should come as no surprise that user ratings for Tesla’s Supercharger sites are better than ratings for other types of DC Fast Charging sites. PlugShare makes a free app that allows EV drivers to find and share information about charging… Read more »

DC Fast Charging maps highlight differences between Tesla and CHAdeMO/CCS rollouts

Tesla touts its Supercharger network as a no-compromise solution for electric road trips, and has strategically placed Superchargers along well-traveled highways. Elon Musk himself has embarked on a coast-to-coast adventure in a Model S to demonstrate that it can be done in about the same timeframe as with any other vehicle. On the other hand,… Read more »

PlugShare and Sungevity offer free charging station with solar installation

PlugShare, the maker of a popular charging station locator app, has teamed up with solar energy provider Sungevity to offer a free home charging station, including installation, with the purchase of a rooftop solar system. The Drive Solar program offers qualified customers in the San Francisco Bay Area a 7.2 kW GE WattStation, which can… Read more »

Recargo launches PlugShare Guide EV advisory services

EV software company Recargo has introduced a new consulting service for the EV industry. PlugShare Guide will help clients develop plans for managing EV infrastructure and strategies to accelerate EV adoption, using the company’s market intelligence and analytical tools. PlugShare maintains a detailed database of EV charging stations in North America, including location, technology and… Read more »

West Coast Electric Highway enables payment with PlugShare mobile app

EV drivers using the West Coast Electric Highway charging network in Oregon and Washington now have another way to pay for charging. Recargo’s PlugShare mobile app now provides access to the network on a pay-per-charge basis at no additional cost. Charging rates are: $4.00 per charge for Level 2 stations or $7.50 for DC fast… Read more »