DC Fast Charging maps highlight differences between Tesla and CHAdeMO/CCS rollouts

DC Fast Charging Plugs

Tesla touts its Supercharger network as a no-compromise solution for electric road trips, and has strategically placed Superchargers along well-traveled highways. Elon Musk himself has embarked on a coast-to-coast adventure in a Model S to demonstrate that it can be done in about the same timeframe as with any other vehicle.

On the other hand, DC Fast Chargers using the other two US standards – CHAdeMO and the SAE Combined Charging Standard (CCS) – have been deployed with a clustering strategy. So far, automakers and charging networks have largely focused on deploying these stations in concentrated regions for a variety of reasons – mainly because the EVs that use these standards don’t have battery packs as large as Tesla’s that make long road trips a practical option.

Arun Banskota, the President of NRG EVgo, recently told Charged that “it is not just about that ability city to city. It is arguably even more important to provide that confidence in the greater metro area of a city.” The NRG EVgo network has quietly become the DC fast charging leader with more sites installed than anyone else. “We believe that the vast majority of EV owners purchase their vehicles for intra-city driving,” added Brendan Jones – East Region VP at EVgo and former Nissan exec. “That is why EVgo began with comprehensive metropolitan coverage of EV infrastructure, and we are now serving 26 cities.”

New maps generated from data in PlugShare’s latest quarterly infrastructure report clearly highlight the difference in charger rollout strategies.

PlugShare Tesla Q3 Map 660 PlugShare CCS Q3 Map 660 PlugShare CCS Q3 Map 660

There have also been a few corridor charging plans announced for CHAdeMO and CCS chargers, but not nearly as aggressive as Tesla’s sprawling coverage. Until the next generation of EVs that use these standards is released with at least 200 miles of range – like the Chevy Bolt EV and a next LEAF – this is unlikely to change.

Full access to PlugShare Quarterly 2015 Q3 – US Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Exhibits can be purchased here.


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Source: PlugShare Data

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