West Coast Electric Highway enables payment with PlugShare mobile app

AeroVironment PlugShare 2

EV drivers using the West Coast Electric Highway charging network in Oregon and Washington now have another way to pay for charging. Recargo’s PlugShare mobile app now provides access to the network on a pay-per-charge basis at no additional cost.

Charging rates are: $4.00 per charge for Level 2 stations or $7.50 for DC fast chargers; or unlimited charging for $19.99 per month. Drivers still have the option to call network operator AeroVironment to pay for charging over the phone.

The West Coast Electric Highway, which includes AeroVironment 55 DC fast chargers and 59 Level 2 chargers, is a part of the West Coast Green Highway, which stretches along the I-5/Highway 99 corridor from British Columbia to Baja California.

AeroVironment PlugShare 1

“AeroVironment and PlugShare together are helping EV drivers charge easier and drive farther with this mobile pay-per-charge access to our network,” said AeroVironment VP Ken Karklin. “AeroVironment is committed to enhancing the charging experience for our customers and PlugShare’s in-app feature, Pay with PlugShare, will deliver smartphone access control of our charging stations to their fingertips.”

“This new mobile service makes it even easier and more convenient to access the West Coast Electric Highway,” said Tonia Buell of the Washington State Department of Transportation. “Thousands of electric vehicle drivers in the Pacific Northwest will benefit from the added payment option and EV-friendly services. The app makes it fast for drivers to tap, charge and hit the open road.”


Source: AeroVironment

  • Jay Donnaway

    $7.50 per session is even more unreasonable a price today than it was two years ago. Given the lengthy lineups as some sites with no added stations and lower gas prices, I drive ICE for highway trips. AVI has also done nothing to prevent LEAFs from ‘double swiping’ to camp out for 100% SOC on the fast chargers. Those selfish drivers need to be denied access after 80% and be pushed over to the L2 stations.

  • Gary

    Improvement to a system that was a total rip-off to taxpayers. Tax payers paid to put in all of these rural charge stations. AeroVironment then required users to become members and pay a monthly fee. (You could charge as a non-member, but it would require making a phone call to start charging). Note that none of the stations are within city limits. Why become a member when the nearest station is 40 miles away?

    They really need to get rid of the per charge price. Why should my 10kwh motorcycle cost the same as my 24kwh car? What if I want to just top off?

  • http://www.electricshowroom.com Collin Burnell

    Charging should always be on a per kilowatt hour basis. Of the 20 or so times I have connected my car to a public charger, only 3, maybe 4 times have I left with a full battery. Normally the charge is my last stop of the day and I just put enough in to (comfortably) get me home.