Which companies are the top DC Fast Charger manufacturers?

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DC Fast Charging addresses the EV’s greatest drawback, allowing drivers to conveniently add range and making long road trips possible. That’s why fast chargers are popping up like mushrooms along major highways around the world, and the market’s rapid growth is bound to continue. But which manufacturers are supplying most of the hardware?

Plugshare’s popular charging station locator app generates a vast amount of data, which now includes manufacturer information for DC Fast Chargers.

Top 10 DCFC manufacturers

This graphic from PlugShare’s latest quarterly report shows the total number of non-Tesla DC Fast Charging stations commissioned by the top 10 manufacturers in the US and Canada as of the end of 2015. Vehicle manufacturer Nissan heads the list, followed by the robotics, power and automation giant ABB.

Network operator and EVSE manufacturer ChargePoint is not included on PlugShare’s list, but a ChargePoint spokesperson told Charged that about a third of the DC stations on its network were built in-house. There were 58 ChargePoint DC stations on its network as of the end of 2015.

These numbers are for charging stations, not individual connectors. A growing number of stations feature dual-standard (CHAdeMO and CCS) chargers.

Of course, Tesla is also a major player in the Fast Charging arena. The California carmaker currently has 262 Supercharger locations in the US, according to Teslarati, and Elon Musk has promised that the worldwide network will double in size by the end of 2017.

Interestingly, Tesla, with its proprietary standard, has taken a very different approach to choosing sites for its stations than have the purveyors of CHAdeMO and CCS chargers.

Full access to PlugShare Quarterly 2016 Q2 can be purchased here.

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Source: Plugshare

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