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Issue 46 – November/October 2019


  • 2020 Taycan: The Germans respond to Tesla with an excellent new Porsche and a valiant EV effort
  • EMC for EVs: Understanding electromagnetic compatibility
  • Q&A with Rivian’s VP of Propulsion
  • EV motor shaft bearings: One of the few moving parts
  • EVmatch: A simple, low-cost way to monetize your charging stations
  • Zeal puts workplace and residential MUD chargers on autopilot

Issue 45 – September/October 2019


  • 2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring: Review of the brand’s first plug-in hybrid
  • EuroGroup’s new gluing technology promises to improve motor efficiency and reshape electric machine design
  • A closer look at advances in power PCBs
  • Cable sizing and selection for EV systems
  • AC Fast Charging: The right fit for medium-duty EVs
  • V2G value propositions: Fermata Energy is focused on building financially viable solutions for vehicle-to-grid

Issue 44 – July/August 2019


  • A closer look at current sensors in EVs
  • Sparkcharge launches a portable and scalable DC fast charging unit
  • Pre-Switch promises to add 5-12% more EV range by eliminating switching loses
  • 2019 Kia Niro EV: An impressive electric compact suggests good things from future Kia EVs
  • Easelink wants to set a new standard for EV charging: Automatic and conductive
  • EV outliers: Oslo, San Francisco…and St Petersburg?

Issue 43 – May/June 2019


  • Mobile EV chargers deliver power where it’s needed
  • Battery testing start-up Novonix has spun off PUREgraphite to manufacture anode material in the US
  • 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric: A viable EV competitor for the average car buyer
  • SiC vs GaN semiconductors for EV power converters: Tech Opinion
  • The Wallbox Copper proves EV chargers can be beautiful too

Issue 42 – March/April 2019


  • Battery bonding: Ultrasonic wire bonding vs laser welded bonding
  • A closer look at the losses in power semiconductors
  • A look at Volkswagen’s MEB architecture
  • How local leaders can make their communities more EV-friendly
  • Nissan’s $3,500 LEAF rebate gets local utilities involved in increasing EV awareness
  • Could new regulations hold back EV charging development?
  • The EV industry sees problems with California’s proposal to mandate credit card readers for public chargers
  • Determining ENERGY STAR specifications for high-power EV fast chargers proves challenging
  • California proposes DC metering standards for fast chargers, companies ask for more time

Issue 41 – January/February 2019


  • LORD and Scheugenpflug collaborate to scale up EV thermal designs
  • ELANTAS increases electric motor longevity with nanoparticle-infused insulation
  • 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid review: Subaru’s first PHEV offers its loyal customers a taste of zero-emission miles
  • A closer look at the losses in EV motors
  • Muir Commons: A case study in MUD EV infrastructure
  • Koben Systems’ smart breaker panel and battery pack enable large EV charging installations

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