CCS EV Fast Charging standard is about two years behind CHAdeMO in California

CHAdeMO SAE Combo Plug CCS

California is the most electrified state in the US, thanks in part to its ZEV mandate that requires automakers to produce a certain number of zero-emission vehicles.

In addition to leading the way in EV adoption, the state has also installed the most public charging infrastructure, by far. According to PlugShare, there are about 6,597 public Level 2 connectors and 652 DC Fast Charging connectors in California. That’s over 400% more total connectors than the second most-plugged-in state, Texas, with 1,547 public Level 2 connectors and 96 DC Fast Chargers.

Within the EV industry, there is a lot of discussion about the war between CHAdeMO and the SAE Combined Charging Standard (CCS). The Japanese automakers committed early to the CHAdeMO standard, while those in the US and Europe have since locked in to the competing CCS standard.

Thanks to PlugShare Data’s comprehensive infrastructure analytics tool – the subject of a feature in the latest issue of Charged (available online soon) – we’re able to plot the progress of charging standards over time.

DC Fast Charging Growth in California r 660
Figure is free to share (CC BY-SA 2.0) with proper attribution: PlugShare via

The figure shows that in the EV-trendsetting state there are 324 CHAdeMO connectors, 104 CCS plugs, and 224 Tesla Superchargers, as of March 2015. These growth charts are particularly good at revealing historical trends in the market. A quick look shows that, while all the different charging standards are growing relatively quickly in California, the SAE Combo standard is about two years behind CHAdeMO, based on both current plug counts and trend lines.


Source: PlugShare Data

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