Tesla Supercharger users rate experience far better than other Fast Charging users

Silicon Valley companies are notoriously obsessed with creating the best possible user experience. So, it should come as no surprise that user ratings for Tesla’s Supercharger sites are better than ratings for other types of DC Fast Charging sites.

PlugShare makes a free app that allows EV drivers to find and share information about charging stations. The popular app generates a vast amount of data, and PlugShare skillfully massages that data into quarterly reports that show interesting insights about how people use public chargers.

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This graph from PlugShare’s latest quarterly report compares Superchargers with other DC Fast Charging sites in terms of the percentage of positive reviews left during 2015. The data behind the chart includes all North American sites that had at least 10 reviews, which amounted to 235 Supercharger sites and 999 other DC Fast Charger sites.

PlugShare - Success Rate by DCFC 2015

Drivers using PlugShare leave thumbs-up or thumbs-down reviews of charging sites after they visit, and drivers leave negative reviews when hardware is broken, in use, blocked, or unable to activate.

“With the Model 3 launch, a lot of attention has turned toward the Supercharger network, and the question has been whether Tesla will be able to serve demand,” PlugShare told Charged. “The data show that, at least today, Tesla has performed phenomenally well in this regard.”

Full access to PlugShare Quarterly 2016 Q2 can be purchased here.


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Source: PlugShare

  • http://facebook.com/FalconFour Matt Falcon

    Only $2,500 to read the report yourself… WOW. Holy hell, what happened to the EV community being open and trying to help one another? Are we already lost in the delusion that EVs are the norm and we all need to make money off each other?

    • Michael B

      I don’t know how (else) plugshare plans to be profitable.

      • ned_plimpton

        True. They give the app away for free.

        @FalconFour:disqus So they’re not allowed to sell anything related to EVs – should all be free? How do you suggest they stay in business ?

  • RedmondChad

    Frankly, I think the results may be even more skewed than this shows. I have Supercharged about 250 times, but never left a PlugShare report…largely because I have never had a problem.

    On the other hand, I do leave reports when I charge elsewhere, because it is much more common to have a problem (like, with 2 out of my 4 non-Supercharger charging sites on last week’s vacation) so the information is more useful.

  • Ed

    Put me down as “apprehensive” last year when I planned a cross-country trip. But, 8,000 miles and 61 Supercharger stops later, I have to add my voice to the “Excellent” category. Tesla has made it quite seamless. It just works!

  • Ramon A. Cardona

    With Tesla offering one standard, setting and managing the Superchargers all over, no one can compete with its stations. Problems as to maintenance, signs and locations, cities, businesses, etc. with other charges will be higher. Stands to reason. One common issue with DC Fast Chargers and L2 stations is lack of reserved signs and enforcement. Seems a lot of Americans refuse to read or comply with parking restrictions. The next problem is reliability. Tesla wins!

    • http://www.efest.ca Robert (Electricman) Weekley

      Tied to the differences are – there are very few – if any – USA Supercharger sites with less than 4 Supercharging Spots to plug into, and even if they are shared by 50% – they are still accessible to connect to! Most CHAdeMO or CCS Sites are singles, with some multiples, and very few having more than 4 Spots to charge. Tesla Superchargers usually actually have 6-8 normal – with busy areas having 10-12!

      Second – just one customer is using them and they are captive customers, so – Tesla is not about to mess with them – when a site needs service, as they have no other customers! Other Brands and types may have multiple customers, and much less commitment, so they have generally no particular customer they are beholden to. Particularly – Public Charging Stations. Dealer Chargers – might be better maintained, since they have some reputation to manage.

      Third, Signage is very much more noticeable and consistent at Tesla Superchargers, with respect to who can park there! This generally leads to Less (But Not Zero!) ICE’ing of charging spots!