Continental’s AllCharge makes EVs compatible with different charging technologies

Auto supply giant Continental says it has an answer to the problems posed by non-standardized EV charging infrastructure. The company’s AllCharge system is based on the components of a conventional electric powertrain (electric motor and inverter). As constant AC/DC switching at different voltages is already an inherent feature of the electric powertrain, these components already possess the necessary capabilities to function as a charging system. By exploiting these capabilities, Continental’s system provides interoperability with different charging technologies using an onboard, vehicle-based solution.

The vehicle is equipped with a single cable connector, but there are two possible charging current paths to the battery. In the case of AC current, the current flows from the charging station via the electric motor to the inverter, where it is converted into DC current before being supplied to the battery. In the case of DC current, the current from the charging station flows directly through the inverter to the battery.

As well as being able to charge their vehicle at any charging station, at an output rate of up to 800 V and up to 350 kW, drivers also have 230 volts of AC power available for onboard use if needed. The AllCharge system’s V2D (vehicle-to-device) technology allows the vehicle battery to be used to power mobile electrical devices such as laptops or power tools.

“Today, EV drivers often end up parking at a charging station that doesn’t allow them to charge as fast as they would like,” says Dr. Oliver Maiwald, Head of Technology & Innovation in the Powertrain Division at Continental. “With Continental’s AllCharge powertrain, their vehicle is equipped for every type of technology, from single-phase or three-phase AC to high-speed DC systems. “The maximum benefit can be reached for urban AC charging stations, here 12 times faster charging is possible.”


Source: Continental

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