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Leclanché’s new marine battery system earns international certification

Swiss battery-maker Leclanché’s new Marine Rack System (MRS), a modular Li-ion battery system, has won approval by the international certification body DNV-GL. Leclanché will use the MRS on the E-ferry in Denmark, the world’s largest electric ferry, which is equipped with a 4.3 MWh Leclanché lithium-ion battery, and is scheduled for launch later this year…. Read more »

Qualcomm demonstrates 20 kW wireless dynamic charging at highway speeds

Plugging that J1772 connector into an EV’s charging port is such a hassle! Wireless charging is the future, and dynamic charging, which allows vehicles to charge while rolling down the road, is the ultimate goal. Now wireless charging pioneer Qualcomm has demonstrated a dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) system that’s capable of charging an EV… Read more »

California ARB opens solicitations for On-Road Advanced Technology Demonstrations Projects: Class 7, 8 trucks

The California Air Resources Board is seeking solicitations for up to $17 million in grants for its On-Road Advanced Technology Demonstrations Projects. Eligible projects will demonstrate pre-commercial Intelligent Transportation Systems and Connected Trucks; Advanced Engines and Powertrains; and Zero-Emission Short and Regional Haul Trucks. ARB is currently funding a 43-truck demonstration of zero- and near-zero-emission… Read more »

Open source hardware platform lets anyone build an EV

Thanks to the internet (for better or for worse), anyone can publish their own book or magazine. What if anyone could build their own car? That’s the idea behind OSVehicle’s TABBY EVO, a modular open-source hardware platform for EVs. The platform includes pretty much everything but the body and interior of the vehicle: chassis, powertrain,… Read more »

Electric BMW 4 Series to go on sale in the UK in 2020

Electrification is slowly spreading throughout BMW’s line-up – over the next three years the Bavarians plan to introduce electric versions of up to three models in their current fleet, as well as updating the two models of the i sub-brand, Autocar reported. Chairman Harald Krüger has announced that the company hopes to deliver 100,000 electric… Read more »

AKASOL opens two new production facilities for battery systems

German battery builder AKASOL has built two new production sites: a new facility with over 3,000 square meters of production halls and office space in Langen, as well as an additional 700 square meters of production space at the company’s headquarters in Darmstadt. The automated production line in Langen will be set up by the… Read more »

Magnet Applications’ new B12 neodymium compression-bonded magnets

Magnet Applications has announced a major upgrade to its neodymium compression-bonded magnet product offerings. The new B12 magnet has a typical maximum energy product (BHmax) of approximately 12 MGOe, compared to the previous generation’s 10 MGOe. The BHmax of a bonded magnet is determined by the density and the volume fraction of the magnetic material… Read more »

Do you understand Tesla’s new Supercharging policy?

When Tesla introduced Model S, all EVs were new and unproven products, and many prospective buyers were worried about running out of juice. Free Supercharging for life was a sort of teaser offer that probably closed many a sale, but common sense will tell you that it couldn’t have lasted forever. Tesla replaced the “free… Read more »

Monolithically integrated GaN half bridge enables smaller, more powerful voltage converters

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics has demonstrated what it calls the world’s first monolithically integrated GaN half bridge for the 600 volt class. Half bridge circuits are the centerpiece of many voltage converters. Monolithic integration combines several components on a single GaN chip, enabling small, powerful systems to be created. Monolithically integrated… Read more »

Will Ford’s new CEO put more emphasis on EVs and AVs?

Ford has replaced CEO Mark Fields with Jim Hackett, the head of the company’s Smart Mobility division. The company also appointed a new executive in charge of “strategy and business model development for electrified vehicles and autonomous vehicles.” The buzz in the media is that the new regime will put more emphasis on electric and… Read more »