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Continental’s thermal management solutions aim to increase EV range in cold temperatures

Automotive tech specialist Continental has introduced several thermal management (TM) technologies for increasing EV efficiency during summer and winter. This portfolio includes sensors, BLDC-driven pumps, hydraulics and valves. The company also produces smart lines and hoses paired with special sealing solutions. Continental claims that its systems can increase EV range by up to 25% in… Read more »

Continental says its AllCharge system will provide maximum power, no matter the charging station

Continental’s AllCharge is a technology that aims to provide a universal charging experience for EVs. The way it sets out to do this is simple, yet surprisingly unique: Instead of using purpose-built charging components, AllCharge makes use of the existing components of an EV’s electric powertrain to charge the vehicle. “Normally you have to swallow… Read more »

Continental introduces innovative wheel and braking concept for EVs

Automotive supply giant Continental has developing a new type of wheel and braking system to meet the specific requirements of electrified vehicles. The New Wheel Concept is based on a new division between the wheel and the axle. The wheel consists of two parts, the aluminum carrier star, which remains permanently bolted to the wheel… Read more »

Continental’s AllCharge makes EVs compatible with different charging technologies

Auto supply giant Continental says it has an answer to the problems posed by non-standardized EV charging infrastructure. The company’s AllCharge system is based on the components of a conventional electric powertrain (electric motor and inverter). As constant AC/DC switching at different voltages is already an inherent feature of the electric powertrain, these components already… Read more »

Continental 48-volt hybrid drive goes into production in new Renault

Automotive supplier Continental has been working with Renault since 2013 on a mild hybrid system that operates at 48 volts, instead of the 300-400 volts usually used in hybrid vehicles. The new Hybrid Assist system is slated to go into production in Renault’s new Scénic and Grand Scénic models. Instead of a conventional starter generator,… Read more »

Continental develops integrated powertrain for the Chinese market

Auto parts giant Continental has developed a new electric powertrain especially for the Chinese market. The basic design for the new drive was created at Continental’s locations in Berlin and Nuremberg, and the specific customer applications were developed at Continental’s plant in China, where the system is produced in cooperation with Chinese suppliers. The new… Read more »

Continental announces new generation of power electronics

While batteries and motors tend to get most of the press, a vehicle’s power electronics is just as important to the overall efficiency of a powertrain, and thus to its range and performance. International automotive supplier Continental, which produces power electronics components for five European automakers, has announced that its next-generation system will enter series production… Read more »

Continental introduces new tire optimized for hybrids

In 2011, Continental introduced the Conti.eContact, a tire optimized for electric vehicles, with lower rolling resistance translating into increased range. Now the company has further refined the design to meet the needs of hybrid models. The Conti.eContact is available in six sizes for 17 and 18-inch rims. The rolling resistance of the new Conti.eContact for hybrids is… Read more »

Continental supplies first air suspension system for an EV

Auto parts supplier Continental has developed its first air suspension system for an EV, the company announced this week. “The air suspension system we developed had to meet strict electric driving requirements but without neglecting aspects like comfort, range and driving pleasure,” said Continental’s Christian Hilgers. In order to deliver low weight and low energy… Read more »

Continental introduces special tires for EVs

Does an electric car need a special type of tire? German tire maker Continental AG seems to think so, or at least that British buyers think so. It recently introduced the Conti.eContact, which features new dimensions optimized for EVs, to the UK market. According to the company, “the Conti.eContact has a larger outer diameter, such… Read more »