Bidgely EV Solution singles out high peak-charging EV drivers for incentive programs

An increasing number of utilities are offering time-of-use rate plans and other incentives to encourage EV owners to do their charging during off-peak hours. But what if a utility had a way to single out the troublemakers, identifying individual EV drivers who often charge during peak times in order to educate them about available incentive programs?

That’s what software provider Bidgely is offering with its Active Managed Charging feature, part of its UtilityAI EV Solution. Active Managed Charging (direct load control) is now part of Bidgely’s end-to-end EV Solution, which also includes EV Detection and Targeting, EV Passive Managed Charging (behavioral load shift) and EV Grid Analytics.

The company says Active Managed Charging can be launched in just weeks without data integration, as a turnkey standalone application. Over 25 OEMs are available for data connection, and 7 are available for active control: Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota, Tesla and VW.

Bidgely’s EV Solution targets high-peak charging customers for incentive programs using its proprietary EV disaggregation technology. The company says its system can identify customers with EVs on the grid with 90-percent accuracy, and provide behind-the-meter visibility into their charging behaviors. This allows utilities to target their highest-value customers for load-shifting programs.

Bidgely says it has partnered with a range of utilities to help them realize sustainable load shifting. One investor-owned utility reported over 90 percent accuracy in EV detection and estimation, and was able to shift 75 percent of the charging load from on-peak to off-peak. Now, this utility says that 97 percent of all EV charging is occurring off-peak.

“The EV revolution is going to have a rapid and profound impact on load pressure, grid resilience and decarbonization,” said Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta. “Utilities will need to take a smart and integrated approach to EV engagement and management, and the only way to do this rapidly at the scale this revolution demands is by harnessing the power of data and AI to empower smarter energy decisions.”

Source: Bidgely

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