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New California rule could increase participation in time-of-use rate programs

An increasing number of utilities are offering time-of-use (TOU) rate plans, which incentivize EV owners to schedule charging at off-peak times. However, as Canary Media reports, some utilities require customers to install redundant separate electrical meters at their own expense in order to take part in TOU programs, even though many EV charging stations can… Read more »

Michigan utility to offer charging station rebates and time-of-use rates

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has authorized electric utility Consumers Energy to launch a charging infrastructure pilot program that includes rebates and a time-of-use rate plan. Consumers Energy’s PowerMIDrive program, a three-year, $10-million effort, includes a Nighttime Savers Rate to encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicles between 7 pm and 6 am. Residential… Read more »

Hawaii Energy launches pilot time-of-use charging program

Hawaii Energy, a ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program, has teamed up with charging station provider OpConnect for a pilot program to encourage residents with photovoltaic (PV) systems to charge their EVs during off-peak demand hours from 9 am to 2 pm. The aim of the program is to find out at what price PV… Read more »

InCharge Energy launches suite of bidirectional charging solutions for EV fleets

InCharge Energy, a provider of turnkey fleet electrification services, has launched a new portfolio of bidirectional DC fast chargers. The new ICE-22 V2X, ICE-44 V2X and ICE-66 V2X chargers are aimed at fleet operators, and are designed to optimize operations and increase cost efficiencies while supporting grid stability, and to enable fleets to qualify for… Read more »

ABB’s new CogniEN delivers real-time data on EV charging station performance

The poor reliability of public chargers is an industry-wide scandal. Better access to real-time diagnostic data surely wouldn’t hurt, so we’re happy to hear about a new cloud-based digital monitoring platform called CogniEN, from ABB Electrification. CogniEN isn’t specifically designed for the charging industry—it’s also aimed at the utility, data center and renewable energy sectors…. Read more »

Grabbing the prime real estate for electric truck charging hubs

Q&A with Zeem Solutions CEO Paul Gioupis. Charging-as-a-service is a hot business proposition these days, and for good reason. Electrifying a vehicle fleet is a complex undertaking that requires specialized skills and resources that most companies don’t have. It makes sense for organizations to focus on their core activities, so just as they outsource things… Read more »

Bidgely EV Solution singles out high peak-charging EV drivers for incentive programs

An increasing number of utilities are offering time-of-use rate plans and other incentives to encourage EV owners to do their charging during off-peak hours. But what if a utility had a way to single out the troublemakers, identifying individual EV drivers who often charge during peak times in order to educate them about available incentive… Read more »

SWTCH Energy and AutoGrid to integrate multi-tenant EV chargers into demand response programs

Toronto-based SWTCH Energy specializes in EV charging solutions for multi-tenant properties. AutoGrid is a provider of virtual power plant (VPP) and distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS). The two companies have teamed up to integrate 250 EV chargers at multi-tenant properties into an active demand response program with a Canadian utility. Demand response involves incentivizing… Read more »

Emporia Energy unveils new low-priced Level 2 charger

Emporia Energy, a Colorado-based provider of home energy management technology (see our recent feature article), is pushing the EVSE price envelope with a new Level 2 charger priced at $399. “Competing chargers with similar specs, warranty, safety certifications and customer ratings are selling on Amazon for as much as $750,” said Emporia CEO Shawn McLaughlin…. Read more »

Geotab and Atom Power partner on new EV fleet charging management platform

IoT and connected transportation specialist Geotab has partnered with Atom Power to add complex fleet analytics to Geotab’s fleet management platform. Atom Power’s EV charging platform includes a proprietary UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker that’s designed to increase charging capacity, as well as an integrated energy management system that enables continuous monitoring, metering and management… Read more »