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New California rule could increase participation in time-of-use rate programs

An increasing number of utilities are offering time-of-use (TOU) rate plans, which incentivize EV owners to schedule charging at off-peak times. However, as Canary Media reports, some utilities require customers to install redundant separate electrical meters at their own expense in order to take part in TOU programs, even though many EV charging stations can… Read more »

Michigan utility to offer charging station rebates and time-of-use rates

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has authorized electric utility Consumers Energy to launch a charging infrastructure pilot program that includes rebates and a time-of-use rate plan. Consumers Energy’s PowerMIDrive program, a three-year, $10-million effort, includes a Nighttime Savers Rate to encourage EV drivers to charge their vehicles between 7 pm and 6 am. Residential… Read more »

Hawaii Energy launches pilot time-of-use charging program

Hawaii Energy, a ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program, has teamed up with charging station provider OpConnect for a pilot program to encourage residents with photovoltaic (PV) systems to charge their EVs during off-peak demand hours from 9 am to 2 pm. The aim of the program is to find out at what price PV… Read more »

Ford and Resideo to conduct V2H energy management pilot

Ford and home automation company Resideo Technologies have announced a joint V2H simulation project called EV-Home Power Partnership.  The project involves pairing the bidirectional EV charging of Ford’s F-150 Lightning with a Resideo smart thermostat to explore the potential of the EV batteries to optimize home energy management, reduce customer electricity costs and relieve strain… Read more »

Clenergy EV adds more CPOs to its European e-roaming network, enables touch-free payments

EV charging software provider Clenergy EV has announced multiple new strategic partnerships that will give its customers access to a wider range of public chargers, as well as the option of paying with contactless cards. The new e-roaming partners include Shell Recharge, Total, Ionity, Osprey, ChargePoint, EVBox and Powerdot, among others. Clenergy customers can now… Read more »

GivEnergy introduces solar-compatible EV charger

UK battery technology company GivEnergy has launched a new EV charger that allows for smart charging from either the grid, renewable sources or home storage batteries. For fixed-time-of-use tariffs, customers can set the charger to power their EVs when energy is at its cheapest and greenest. GivEnergy is also working with power companies to create… Read more »

Packaging second-life EV batteries into a plug-and-play energy storage system

Q&A with Smartville CEO and co-founder Antoni Tong What do EV batteries have in common with athletes and politicians? Once they age out (or get voted out) of their positions, they have the opportunity to have a lucrative (and in the case of batteries, useful) second career. Repurposing depleted EV batteries for stationary storage applications… Read more »

Wallbox bidirectional EV chargers to be offered with Kia EV9

Bidirectional charging is on the way to your driveway, and it will soon allow you to use your EV as backup power for your home, or to save money by taking advantage of utility incentives. Kia now plans to offer Wallbox’s second-generation DC bidirectional charger, Quasar 2, to Kia EV9 buyers, starting in the first… Read more »

Costs for California to upgrade grid for EVs could be far lower than previous estimates

As EVs replace legacy vehicles, electrical grids will need to be expanded and upgraded, and this isn’t going to be cheap. The California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advocates Office is in the process of preparing an estimate of the costs. Utility Dive reports that the CPUC’s preliminary research indicates that upgrading the grid across the… Read more »

InCharge Energy launches suite of bidirectional charging solutions for EV fleets

InCharge Energy, a provider of turnkey fleet electrification services, has launched a new portfolio of bidirectional DC fast chargers. The new ICE-22 V2X, ICE-44 V2X and ICE-66 V2X chargers are aimed at fleet operators, and are designed to optimize operations and increase cost efficiencies while supporting grid stability, and to enable fleets to qualify for… Read more »