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Today’s EV engineering webinar schedule: Tuesday, October 19

Charged is hosting a virtual conference on EV engineering that’s free to attend this week. The conference includes live webinar sessions with interactive Q&As and on-demand webinars. View the daily session schedule online here.

All of the live sessions will be recorded and available to view after the broadcasts. You can access the recorded videos on each session’s registration page.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 Session Topics:

60 Minute Feature Presentations:

8:00 AM EDT
Providing Your Customers a Trouble-Free Vehicle Charging Experience

9:15 AM EDT
Optimize EV Battery Cost and Quality with Smart Manufacturing Strategies

10:30 AM EDT
Breakthrough Technologies in Capacitor Solutions for Power Electronics in xEVs

11:45 AM EDT
Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Battery Production and Other E-Mobility Applications

1:00 PM EDT
New Battery Inspection Technologies: Leading Industry Experts Discuss X-ray CT and Microscopy

2:15 PM EDT
EV Power Components: A Total Testing Solution From the EVSE to the Battery

3:30 PM EDT
Maximize Process Control for EV Battery Manufacturing with Smart Solutions

30 Minute Presentations:

7:15 AM EDT
Advanced Product Solutions Address Technical Challenges Of EV Motor Insulation

8:00 AM EDT
Power HIL Solutions for Power Electronics Testing

8:45 AM EDT
New Epoxy Encapsulation and Impregnation Materials for Reliable Insulation of Electric Drives

9:30 AM EDT
Optimizing EV Powertrain Test Instrumentation and Improving Measurement Results

10:15 AM EDT
Next Generation EV Enclosure Sealing

11:00 AM EDT
Next-Generation Architectures for Battery Management Solutions

11:45 AM EDT
Evolving Material Requirements for EV Charging Systems

12:30 PM EDT
Testing EV Inverters? Lower Real Cost of Test Without Compromising Safety, Quality, or Test Coverage

1:15 PM EDT
Laser Applications and Quality Inspection in Li-ion Battery Manufacturing

2:00 PM EDT
Composite Solutions for Improved Efficiency in E-powertrains


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