New Epoxy Encapsulation and Impregnation Materials for Reliable Insulation of Electric Drives

Presented by:

  • Florian Gnädinger, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbH

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Oct 19, 2021, 8:45 am EDT

For the electrification of the automobile powertrain, new materials play a crucial role enabling and facilitating a wide adoption of electromobility. This presentation is focused on new materials serving as secondary insulation in the stator and rotor (e.g. facilitating new 800 V and ESM magnet less rotor designs). Based on thermal, electrical, ambient, mechanical and processing requirements for the secondary insulation, it is shown how epoxy-based impregnation and encapsulation resins can serve them:

Thermally conductive Araldite® epoxy resins can facilitate heat transfer and improve power density by up to 25%.

Important for 800V drives: Araldite® epoxy resins with high flow and impregnation capability can
help to produce void-free parts and improve electrical properties, i.e. partial discharge

In Ambient Conditions:
Araldite® epoxy resins can withstand aggressive chemicals (ATF), high temperatures and thermal shocks (crack resistance)

High-Tg Araldite® epoxy resins can mechanically reinforce coils under rotation and thermal loads

Araldite® epoxy resins offer fast flow and short cure times, facilitating short cycle times and a CAPEX reduction by up to 50%.

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