Optimize EV Battery Cost and Quality with Smart Manufacturing Strategies

Presented by:

  • Michel Pereme, Business Development Manager - Virtual Manufacturing & Costing, Manufacturing Intelligence division, Hexagon

  • Johannes Mann, Manager Global Business Development, Volume Graphics, part of Hexagon

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Oct 19, 2021, 9:15 am EDT

As OEMs scramble ​to bring new vehicles to market with competitive range and cost, the battery is at the heart of development. From suppliers to manufacturers, the industry must remain agile to adopt the best available technologies and strategies to compete.

There are several challenges – from cell, module, pack design, thermal management and assembling and fabricating battery packs that optimize material use and cost without introducing quality issues that could affect performance or safety as an integral part of the body structure.

Joinery is critical as the potential to damage the electrical and structural components (thermal, mechanical, or vibrational) is a challenge due to the highly conductive/reflective materials and various thicknesses. Composites also offer compelling benefits in lightweighting, vibration control. The predictive power of simulation, validated through metrology and CT scanning, is helping manufacturers to understand how changes to a material or process will affect performance and quality.

Join this session with Hexagon virtual manufacturing and CT scan analysis experts to explore how design for manufacturing, process simulation, metrology and CT scan analysis are helping companies make better decisions to optimize cost and material application and understand the root cause of cell defects and battery pack dimensional tolerances and bring new designs to market with confidence.

The discussion will start with an overview battery strategies and the manufacturing challenges they present, followed by an in-depth discussion of design, engineering, production planning and quality control and emerging smart manufacturing approaches that apply data throughout the lifecycle with real world learnings and customer successes.

-Material Cost Management
-Design for Manufacturing Feasibility
-Joining Operations
-Quality Control

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