EV Power Components: A Total Testing Solution From the EVSE to the Battery

Presented by:

  • Jay Hatkow, EV Business Development Manager, Chroma Systems Solutions

Oct 19, 2021, 2:15 pm EDT

As EVs continue to evolve, the related standards, tests, and test systems follow suit. The automotive trends and obstacles that engineers face during design verification, functional test and mass production testing can be very difficult to navigate. This presentation has been put together to demonstrate the improvements made to EV testing performance, functional test systems, battery test/simulation systems, and electrical safety test systems.

This session will cover the major components, starting from outside of the vehicle with the EV charger (EVSE) along with available standards and modes such as plug-in and wireless. Then we’ll make our way through the car to the next in-line component, which is the On-Board Charger (OBC), followed by the DC-DC converters that route power to other components and, finally to the core of the vehicle, which is the battery pack. Next we’ll make our way through the battery pack itself, testing and simulating modules, BMS and cells.

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