Maximize Process Control for EV Battery Manufacturing with Smart Solutions

Presented by:

  • Tony Burton, Global Market Segment Manager, Nordson

  • James Britcher, Tech-Automation & Application Development Manager, Nordson

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Oct 19, 2021, 3:30 pm EDT

In this session, sit back and immerse yourself in the world of 1k and 2k sealant and adhesive dispensing for EV battery manufacturing. Leverage smart solutions like foam material, 3D inspection and robotic integration to reduce battery pack rework and material waste on EV battery trays. Learn how choosing the right dispensing system can maximize process control and increase the battery life of a vehicle. Join our team of industry experts, led by Tony Burton and James Britcher, as they share how Nordson is addressing the technology curve within the EV battery segment.

Tony Burton is the Global Market Segment Manager at Nordson, and has 20 years of vast industry expertise. Tony collaborates with key partners within the battery industry to help deliver robust solutions to the market. After spending 17 years in the automotive field, and a year in the aerospace industry, Tony moved to Nordson Sealant Equipment in 2017. For the last two years, Tony has served as the Market Segment Manager in battery and EV manufacturing.

James Britcher has been our Tech-Automation/Application Development Manager for the past three years, and has dedicated more than 27 years of his career to Nordson. James is more than the brain behind the robotics—his innovative mindset has developed cutting-edge dispensing equipment designed to meet technological advancements in the EV market.

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