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Pre-Switch includes remote update and analysis features in Pre-Flex controller for SoC

Pre-Switch, a producer of AI-based soft-switching power systems, has allowed the reprogramming of its Pre-Flex motor/inverter controller SoC for EVs, and has incorporated a digital oscilloscope, allowing designers to remotely diagnose and make modifications.

Pre-Flex ICs have AI algorithms for soft switching across all operating voltages, load situations and temperatures and adjust cycle-by-cycle. Pre-Switch technology delivers 99.57% (peak) and 98.5% (at 5% load) inverter efficiency for e-mobility applications at 100 kHz switching frequency. Deep View, the integrated digital oscilloscope, allows 12 channels and 160 MSPS to analyze switching timing. Recording and exporting traces show system performance, helping in diagnosing issues and taking corrective action.

“Pre-Switch eliminates switching losses and thereby reduces the amount of SiC or IGBTs needed for high efficiency. This substantially improves low load efficiency and runs at 5-10X higher switching frequencies which improves motor efficiency and reduces DC link capacitor size and cost,” said Bruce Renouard, Pre-Switch’s CEO. “To enable engineers to utilize Pre-Flex AI technology, Pre-Switch developed the CleanWave inverter reference system, the PDS-2 development system with Deep View and the remote programming, Pre-Tune dynamometer motor control tuner, a resonant tank design tool and training courses.”

Source: Pre-Switch


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