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Power electronics thermal limits and how to not exceed them

To someone who isn’t involved in power electronics design, it might seem unreal that the amount of power a component can handle depends more on how effectively waste heat can be removed from it than it does on the specific electrical ratings. Sure, the voltage and current ratings are important (especially the voltage rating), but… Read more »

Experiencing silicone shortages in the EV market? Alleviate with battery pack gasket solutions. (Webinar)

Silicones are increasingly being used in the EV market for sealing applications where exceptional performance is required, such as sealing the battery case and battery management system. These materials are valued in particular for their low compression set, excellent protection against external influences and very good fire behavior, which is often qualified according to UL94-V0…. Read more »

Addressing today’s challenges for EV battery technologies (Webinar)

Amid the growing interest in battery electric vehicles, the industry still faces numerous challenges to gain wider adoption in the market. Join this session at our Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by Chroma, where we will address the battery-specific issues manufacturers are encountering today. Reserve your spot—it’s free! Other sessions at our Spring… Read more »

7 must-have features for your EV analytics platform (Webinar)

Data challenges have existed since the “information explosion”, but the rapid pace of innovation is reigniting the need to remain competitive. In the past, as long as you were using data in any capacity, you were sure to grow. But it’s no longer enough to be efficient—to remain competitive, you must be willing to constantly… Read more »

Thermal conductive adhesives for next-generation cell-to-pack configurations (Webinar)

Cell-to-Pack is the direct bonding of individual battery cells to the battery pack’s cooling plate, and it’s a new trend in the EV market. It improves performance by providing higher pack energy density, improved part complexity, lower thermal loads on the battery pack, and simpler, lower-cost manufacturing of packs. To support Cell-to-Pack (CTP), new thermally… Read more »

Thermal runaway protection materials and value-added services you should expect from suppliers (Webinar)

Beyond The Product Portfolio: Value-Added Services You Should Expect from Your Suppliers The worldwide electric vehicle market is rapidly gaining traction, with many local and global suppliers offering solutions for EV battery pack applications such as thermal runaway protection, compression pads, pack seals, thermal interface materials and more. As Design and Release Engineers, you are… Read more »

Sensata introduces next-gen BMS for 1,000 V systems

Sensata, a sensor, controller and software firm, has introduced a next-generation BMS designed for high-voltage applications, including electric trucks, buses and material handling vehicles. It’s part of the Lithium Balance product line, and will be available in early 2023. The Lithium Balance n3-BMS is composed of up to 30 Cell Monitoring Units, a Master Control… Read more »

Top 5 techniques for analyzing lithium battery cells

With demand for EV batteries seeing an impressive 30 percent year-over-year growth, pressure continues to increase for Automotive OEM’s and Tier 1’s to keep pace. Among the many levers you have available to ramp battery production, test coverage and strategy are one of the top 3 improvements that make a significant difference in your ability… Read more »

CorePower Magnetics raises $2.5 million to develop proprietary magnetic materials

Soft magnetics technology startup CorePower Magnetics has raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding from Volta Energy Technologies, Innovation Works and Evergreen Climate Innovations. The funding will be used to scale up development of CorePower Magnetics’s proprietary magnetic materials. “CorePower’s technology not only promises step-change performance benefits to EVs and the grid, but it is also… Read more »