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Pre-Switch expands into new facility with 200 kW dynamometer and 250 kW DC power supply

Switching specialist Pre-Switch has expanded into a new San Jose, California facility. The new space is outfitted with a 200 kW dynamometer, a 250 kW DC power supply and test stations that have been custom-built to measure inverter efficiencies above 99%. Pre-Switch’s controller analyzes multiple inputs on a cycle-by-cycle basis, making adjustments in real time… Read more »

Increase EV range 5 to 12% by reducing losses using AI transistor control to increase switching speeds

Pre-Switch is pioneering AI to control power transistors in order to increase inverter switching speeds to new highs. This will reduce motor losses enabling greater EV range. So far, the company has demonstrated an Inverter efficiency of over 99.3% peak efficiency at 100kHz using low only 3 cost SiC 35mΩ MOSFETs. Join this session at… Read more »

Pre-Switch publishes 99.3% efficiency for an inverter with its low switching loss tech

Silicon Valley startup Pre-Switch has published performance data claiming that its 200 kW CleanWave200 evaluation inverter exceeds 99.3% efficiency at 100 kHz using three discrete SiC MOSFETs per switch location.  The inverter is designed for EVs and renewable energy systems. CEO Bruce Renouard said, “We are shipping the CleanWave200 evaluation systems to initial customers around… Read more »

Pre-Switch promises to add 5-12% more EV range by eliminating switching losses

How would you like it if your EV could go ten percent farther with the same size battery? You’d love it, of course, and so would every EV manufacturer out there. Range is one of the most important parameters in the EV industry, as many potential EV drivers are apprehensive about lower range ratings. Manufacturers… Read more »