Motiv Power Systems launches next-gen electric trucks with new LFP battery system

Motiv Power Systems has been in business for 14 years, providing electric step vans, box trucks and shuttle buses with payloads of 2-6 tons. The company has deployed more than 150 vehicles with fleets across North America. 

Now the company has announced its next-generation electric trucks for medium-duty fleets. The new generation features a new motor and a new battery system, as well as a more efficient powertrain design with fewer parts.  

Motiv worked with Nidec to design and patent a six-phase motor and motor controller that it says produces more torque than comparable legacy ICE components. Motiv also collaborated with Our Next Energy (ONE) to develop a new Aries lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery system that incorporates Motiv’s patent-pending battery control interface.

Motiv says its US-made LFP battery is free of nickel and cobalt, which lowers costs, creates a more sustainable raw material supply chain, offers a longer lifetime, and increases safety by eliminating the potential for thermal events.

The new powertrain embodies an efficient design, combining 12 different parts into a single unit with fewer wires and cables. Motiv says the simplicity improves serviceability, limits maintenance needs and allows the vehicles to use less refrigerant.

The new trucks are designed to be highly customizable. Fleets can select two or three battery packs to enable a range of 150-200 miles. Motiv’s new design supports customized body builders, offering several charge port locations, multiple high-voltage accessories for HVAC and power take-off, and other specialized body features.  

“Motiv’s new technology platform tackles key barriers to electrifying a commercial fleet: payload confidence, range anxiety and serviceability concerns. And we’ve done so in collaboration with our customers,” said Tim Krauskopf, CEO of Motiv Power Systems. “The driver holding the wheel every day is our target.”

Motiv’s next-generation vehicles are currently available for purchase, and the first customer shipments are scheduled for this June.

Source: Motiv Power Systems

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