A Single-Chip Control Solution For X-in-1 EV Powertrain To Maximizing Performance And Integration

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  • David Fresneau, VP Marketing and Business Development, Silicon Mobility

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Apr 16, 2024, 8:45 am EDT

The term "X-in-1" refers to a growing trend in EV powertrains where multiple functions are integrated into a single unit. This megatrend encompasses various levels of integration and designates different grouping of functions. Starting with the common 3-in-1 system that combines an inverter, electric motor, and reducer, X-in-1 integration can extend to more complex configurations as 8-1 promoted by leading Chinese EV makers. These advanced systems integrate additional functions including DC-DC converters, DC-Boost, OBC, PDU, VCU, and BMS within the same system box.

Regardless of the specific configuration, all players in the EV industry share the same objectives with X-in-1 integration. These objectives include reducing the bill of materials, minimizing the size and weight of the powertrain, and ultimately enabling more cost-effective EVs with extended range, all while maintaining best driving experience.

With the OLEA® U FPCU series, Silicon Mobility enables powertrain system designers to go further into their integration by offering a solution to control all the functions with a single controller chip replacing the usage of up to 6 MCUs and DSPs while delivering superior performance and better energy efficiency.

In this webinar, you will learn about OLEA® U FPCU for function grouping, including:

• Its Advanced eXecution and Events Control (AxEC 2.0), a data processing and real-time control unit based on programmable hardware and configurable peripherals supporting multiple parallel applications execution
• Concurrent development of power control applications within a single OLEA® U FPCU and how functional safety is ensured via spatial segregation
• The unparallel performance delivered by the AxEC capable with an implementation example of four parallel inverter and electric motor control
• The possible system functions grouping variant supported

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