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ZAPBATT introduces battery operating system for Toshiba’s lithium titanium oxide technology

Battery manufacturer ZAPBATT has developed its Battery Operating System (bOS) in a strategic partnership with Toshiba, initially focused on Toshiba’s battery SCiB lithium titanium oxide (LTO) chemistry for integration across several applications, including EVs.

ZAPBATT’s bOS is a battery management system, which enables the adoption of optimal battery chemistries without significant investment in battery infrastructure or modifications to existing electrical components. It acts as a universal adapter, integrating SCIB and other advanced battery chemistries into various applications—from cordless tools and appliances to e-bikes and industrial automation.

The combination of software and hardware enables adaptive and scalable input and output voltage regulation, enhancing safety with no risk of overcharge or thermal runaway and ensuring performance with meticulous cell-by-cell control. The fully programmable voltage output allows the battery to mimic how any device operates, while the programmable voltage input gives access to fast charging off standard infrastructure.

Toshiba’s SCiB technology has demonstrated potential in industrial applications and robotics. Using bOS with SCiB enables rapid charging, extended lifespan, enhanced safety, rapid discharging, the ability to access the full battery and supply full energy even under demanding loads and operation in extreme cold. 

“The bOS acts much like an operating system that can run on any phone—or, in our case, work with any battery chemistry,” explains Charles Welch, CEO of ZAPBATT. “As more advanced chemistries continue to emerge, ZAPBATT will streamline their integration into various markets in a cost-effective and straightforward manner.”



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