Google Maps adds more public EV charging information

Most popular mapping apps can show the locations of public EV chargers—but they lack important details, such as whether a station requires payment, and whether it is currently in service (EV-specific apps such as PlugShare provide much more detailed information).

Now Google Maps has announced plans to upgrade the EV charger information it provides. The service plans to roll out new features designed to provide more detailed and current information about chargers.

Google Maps will soon provide information about the exact locations of charging stations. As frequent EV travelers know, finding an address on a map is one thing, but finding the actual charger can be quite another. “In the coming months, we’ll start showing summaries in Google Maps that describe a charger’s specific location based on helpful information from user reviews, so you can find exactly where to go,” says Google. “For example, when you’re headed to a charging station you may see a detailed description, like ‘Enter the underground parking lot and follow the signs toward the exit. Just before exiting, turn right.’”

This information will be derived from the millions of reviews posted every day in Maps, which will now prompt users for details about their charging experiences (as EV-specific apps have long done).

The updates will roll out starting with vehicles with Google built-in. “Soon you’ll be able to see nearby chargers on the in-car map, with information like real-time port availability and charging speed.”

Vehicles with Google Maps built-in will also suggest charging stops for drivers on multi-stop trips (as apps in EVs from Tesla and others do). If you’re planning a road trip, Maps will suggest the best charging stops along the way.

Google’s web sites are also adding more EV-friendly features. On, you can now search for hotels and filter those that offer onsite EV charging.

Source: Google


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