Synop’s new Fleet Driver Mobile App streamlines charging access for fleet EVs

EV fleet solution provider Synop has launched a new app designed to further streamline EV charge management for its customers. The new Fleet Driver Mobile App will provide Managed Access Charging functionality to EV fleets.

Synop’s fleet customers typically give their drivers RFID cards that grant them access to on-site chargers. However, these cards are easily lost or damaged. The Synop Fleet Driver Mobile App allows drivers to add their RFID card information to their profiles, making authorization and instant payments easier.

Drivers can securely save their payment details in the app. They can also use the app to locate in-network charging sites on their routes; to find the most suitable chargers based on their requirements, charging speeds and current pricing; and to initiate and monitor charging sessions directly from their mobile devices.

Synop’s mobile app seamlessly integrates with the Synop web application. Charging prices created on the web application are visible to users on the mobile app, ensuring consistency and transparency. The app can also be white-labeled, providing all the same Synop functionality with user branding. 

Furthermore, because the Fleet Driver Mobile App enables Synop’s Managed Access Charging capabilities, fleets can extend access to their private charging depots to commercial partners, potentially creating a new revenue stream.

“Our new mobile app marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric vehicle fleet solutions,” said Gagan Dhillon, co-founder and CEO of Synop. “Through advanced features like seamless charger discovery, optimal charging options and effortless payment processing, we’re removing the headache and annoyance often associated with EV charging on the road for fleet operators and drivers.”

Source: Synop


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