Battery Thermal Management Fluids: More Than Just A Base Oil

Presented by:

  • Dr Andy Richenderfer, Snr Research Engineer, Lubrizol

  • Dr Gareth Brown, Strategic Technology Manager, Lubrizol

  • Dr Chris Rasik, Technology Development Manager, Lubrizol

  • Matthew Donohue, Research Engineer, Lubrizol

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Apr 17, 2024, 8:00 am EDT

Consumer demand for faster charging, increased power and extended range are increasing the heat generated in electric vehicles battery packs. In addition, there is increasing focus on ensuring safety of battery packs, and in particular the ability of the thermal management system to prevent propagation of thermal runaway within the system. To manage the increased heat, maintain battery life and enhance safety while maximising the power and energy density of the pack, immersion cooling systems are being developed which will require tailored thermal management fluids compatible with the needs of direct cell contact.​

In this session, Lubrizol’s team of thermal management experts will discuss the different performance attributes that are important when it comes to tailoring an effective thermal management fluid. These include managing heat during high charging operations, ability to control thermal runaway events and material compatibility. Be sure to tune in to learn more about why a thermal management fluid needs to be more than ‘just’ a base oil.

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