AMPECO and DEFA partner to meet the EU’s AFIR EV charging requirements

AMPECO, a Bulgaria-headquartered EV charging software developer, and DEFA, a Norway-based EV charging station provider, are integrating DEFA’s AC charger with AMPECO’s charge point management system to provide more secure transactions, enhanced efficiency and user experience, and compliance with the EU’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) requirements for EV charging infrastructure.

AMPECO’s platform offers a secure payment method that leverages dynamic QR codes on DEFA’s charging stations, the company says, and it supports the necessary ad hoc payments stipulated by AFIR. The displays on DEFA chargers show real-time information, personalized messages and promotional content. And they allow charge point operators (CPOs) to present AMPECO’s pricing options, including price per kWh, price per minute, connection fees and time-of-use tariffs.

“In this partnership our focus is clear: to ensure CPOs can scale confidently, armed with the assurance of full compliance and the most advanced technology available,” said AMPECO CEO Orlin Radev.

Source: AMPECO


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