Foxconn invests in light utility EV maker Indigo Technologies

US light utility EV maker Indigo Technologies has secured an investment from Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Technology Group, also known as Foxconn.

The investment will help the company to accelerate the development of its smart EV technologies for light utility EVs, which are designed for ride hailing, delivery and autonomous transportation applications.

Building on its proprietary road-sensing SmartWheels technology, invented by a team out of MIT, Indigo is using robotics hardware and software that integrates drivetrain and suspension as a technology package to enable a new vehicle architecture.

The company’s first SmartWheels-powered EV, the FLOW, will have 180 cubic feet of space and a range of approximately 200 miles. Priced at around $37,000, it is expected to be available in late 2026. Indigo’s smaller model, the DASH, will have 90 cubic feet of space and a range of 140 miles. It will be priced at around $27,000 and be available for delivery in 2025. 

“Our cities, citizens and businesses need affordable and desirable EVs that improve safety, utility and comfort,” said Indigo CEO Will Graylin.

Source: Indigo


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