Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine
Issue 66: October-December 2023


Battery-integrated chargers offer a cure for America’s weak electric infrastructure

Q&A with Alex Urist, Vice President of XCharge North America Battery storage, once considered a nifty additional feature for large-scale charging infrastructure projects, is steadily becoming de rigueur for public and commercial charging deployments of all sizes. Adding batteries to the system offers several benefits: coupled with on-site generation, it allows charging to be offered… Read more »

EnviroSpark has installed over 7,800 charging plugs. Here’s what the company has learned.

EnviroSpark runs its own EV charging network and helps others with installations, including Tesla, Volkswagen and Ford. The parlous state of public charging reliability has emerged as a major roadblock to wider EV adoption, and the entire industry is going through a soul-searching phase, trying to identify the roots of the problems and correct them…. Read more »

Battery cell qualification for EVs: Lucid’s cell specialist discusses the complicated process

Q&A with Lucid’s Battery Cell Technical Specialist Maithri Venkat. When it comes to battery cells for EVs, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The properties of a particular cell act as constraining factors for every aspect of a vehicle’s design—and not only for vehicle performance parameters such as range and power, but for the development… Read more »

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