Ekoenergetyka introduces new EV charging stations in Nordic market

Polish EV charging station provider Ekoenergetyka demonstrated its new charging system, tailored for charging point operators, at the recent Nordic EV Summit in Oslo, Norway. 

Norway is Europe’s leading market for EVs, which accounted for 92% of new car sales in January.

In Ekoenergetyka’s new configuration, its AXON Side 360 DLBS power unit is combined with up to six SAT400 satellite units, which feature a proprietary cable management mechanism, to create a multi-station hub. A dynamic load-balancing function distributes power efficiently among the vehicles plugged into the satellites.

The system is designed to meet the needs of operators that plan to install infrastructure in dense urban areas and that have adopted an investment model focusing on fast charging and optimized power consumption.

“The Nordic countries are a demanding, competitive market, so we devoted a lot of time and resources to finding out what charge point operators need, and making sure we deliver it,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO Bartosz Kubik.

Source: Ekoenergetyka


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