Easelink, NXP develop automated EV charging positioning system

Austrian technology firm Easelink and Dutch manufacturer NXP Semiconductors have jointly developed a positioning system for automated EV charging based on ultra-wide band (UWB) technology.

The system integrates UWB—a wireless technology that securely, precisely, and efficiently estimates the relative positions of two electronic devices—to help bring a vehicle into the optimal position for fully automated charging using Easelink’s Matrix Charging.

During automated Matrix Charging, the connector is lowered from the vehicle underbody near the front axle onto the charging pad in the parking space, enabling the built-in UWB modules to measure the distance between the two in real time using time of flight measurements. The exact charging position is shown to the driver on a display inside the vehicle, and the charging process starts immediately after confirmation by clicking on the charging symbol.

As part of the eTaxi Austria automated charging project, Matrix Charging pads were installed directly at taxi stands in late 2023. These charge the EVs automatically, without the need for taxi drivers to leave their vehicles or make extra trips to charging points. The project will eventually see 60 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and VW ID.4 e-taxi models equipped with Matrix Charging, with access to 60 charging pads across eight locations in Vienna and two locations in Graz.

“We are working together to seamlessly integrate our UWB technology into intelligent, precise, and efficient mobility applications. The extensive application portfolio ranges from digital car keys to position detection for intelligent and automated charging of electric cars,” said Michael Leitner, GM of Smart Car Access at NXP Semiconductors Austria.

Source: Easelink


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