Optimizing EV Battery Testing: From Cells To Packs, A Comprehensive Approach

Presented by:

  • Russ Gaubatz, Battery Subject Matter Expert, EA Elektro Automatik

  • Connor Peck, Applications Engineer, EA Elektro-Automatik

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Apr 16, 2024, 10:30 am EDT

As the EV market grows, the demand for batteries with higher storage, efficiency, and safety also increases, challenging the industry to develop diverse and advanced technologies. Lithium-ion batteries lead the charge in EV applications, offering significant advantages in energy density and charging speed, despite safety concerns. Ensuring these batteries meet rigorous real-world demands necessitates precise, accurate, and reliable testing from cells to packs. The complexity of battery chemistry and the need for innovative testing solutions underscore the importance of a comprehensive approach to optimize EV battery testing. This approach is crucial for advancing EV performance and safety, aligning with the industry's rapid evolution.

In this webinar, we will explore the challenges posed by the ever-changing landscape of EV battery technology and the critical role of comprehensive testing systems in ensuring the success of emerging battery innovations.

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