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Microchip introduces hybrid power drive module for electric aviation applications 

US integrated circuit manufacturer Microchip Technology has announced its new comprehensive three-phase hybrid power drive module, which is the first of 12 variants in the company’s product line with either silicon carbide metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors or insulated-gate bipolar transistors.  

Microchip says its new module helps meet the needs of electric aircraft designers who are looking to convert flight control systems from hydraulic to electric to reduce weight and design complexities.

The modules, with fewer components for simplified system design, offer compactness and a low weight and profile. The voltages range from 650 V to 1,200 V and are customizable to 1,700 V. The modules are available with optional add-ons that include soft start, solenoid interface drive, regenerative brake switch, and thermal sensors for external monitoring circuitry usage.

Source: Microchip


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