Lordstown announces exclusive licensing agreement with Elaphe for in-wheel hub motors

Lordstown Motors has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies. Elaphe will develop the in-wheel motor that will be used in Lordstown’s upcoming Endurance pickup truck—the motors will be built by Lordstown employees at the company’s Ohio headquarters.

Initial setup of the 20,000-square-foot production line has already begun. Lordstown will begin using the new lines for beta testing and pre-production vehicles within the next six months, and expects to get to full production capacity in about nine months. Elaphe will provide engineering support, technical assistance and consulting services throughout the project.

“Our relationship with Elaphe goes back over a decade, and their commitment to Lordstown Motors and passion for the Lordstown Endurance is stronger than ever,” said Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors CEO. “The caliber of work they’ve produced is some of the best and most innovative in the industry.”

“While most vehicle manufacturers are focusing merely on catching up and competing with legacy electric powertrain technologies pioneered decades ago by pure-EV OEMs, Lordstown is making a giant leap forward by building its vehicles around the needs of their users and not around the traditional powertrain-integration-imposed tradeoffs,” says Gorazd Lampič, Elaphe CEO. “We strongly believe that the packaging, modularity, redundancy and advanced functions of vehicle control that Elaphe hub motors enable are key to delivering torque in the way a true 4WD should be done.”

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Source: Lordstown Motors

  • freedomev

    One scammer supporting another. Hub motors are the opposite of what you want on a truck as starting torque sucks thus why they are always so powerful as you need that to get any starting torque at all.
    Sad this once promising EV line isn’t going to be built because some idiot changed it from great to useless. The only thing the old one needed was a better REx or more batteries and production.
    And it’s design is so simple with a composite cabin, very low cost to start up.
    Hopefully they’ll go bankrupt fast so someone can pick up it, the Nvan designs and produce them..

    • MorinMoss

      Wouldn’t hub motors also mean potential damage from potholes and bad roads and road salt?

  • Larry Kimura

    What does this “exclusive” licensing agreement entail? Does it grant LMC exclusive manufacturing rights for a specific geographical area? If so, what area, could be as small as a city or as large as a continent. If the hub motors turn out to be a success, this could be a big plus for LMC.