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New electrical steel production unit to open in France in 2024 for EV motors

Steel and mining company ArcelorMittal has announced that it will invest more than €300 million ($330 million) in a new electrical steel production unit at its Mardyck site in northern France. The electrical steels are intended for the motors of EVs, hybrid vehicles and industrial machinery. The company says its electrical steels have high polarization… Read more »

How pressure-sensitive adhesives enable advanced thermal runaway barrier design (Webinar)

Fires caused by thermal runaway continue to be a significant issue in the evolution of EV battery packs. Now, as the EV marketplace approaches a tipping point, engineers are racing to address this challenge using various technologies. These include high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) used in combination with thermal materials that can assist in hindering thermal… Read more »

Top 5 considerations for designing an optimized battery venting solution (Webinar)

As battery pack designs rapidly evolve, it is essential that venting solutions also progress to meet application needs. Battery vents must be able to handle a variety of environments from normal operating conditions to extreme edge cases. Proper venting is essential to support battery pack functionality through pressure equalization and emergency degassing. Join this presentation… Read more »

How to design efficient and high-power density DC/DC converters (Webinar)

DC/DC converters are key elements of electrified powertrain delivering the necessary power on-demand at the right voltage. The multiplicity of types (HV/HV, HV/LV), isolated or not, mono-directional or bidirectional, and the diversity of power topology push designers to select a digital controller versatile and powerful enough to address all configurations. But a new generation of… Read more »

Maximize motor windings fill factor with a unique new tooling concept (Webinar)

There are many innovations to improve power density in stator windings at the moment, with technologies like axial flux motors gaining momentum. On the other side, radial flux motors with hairpin windings are getting pushed to new limits in terms of efficiency and industrialization. WAFIOS is the world leader in wire bending for almost 130… Read more »

Assessing Li-ion cells with computed tomography and high-resolution 3D X-ray microscopes (Webinar)

In the last three decades, significant progress has been made on lithium-based battery technologies. However, lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers still face quality and process control challenges when trying to non-destructively map the battery electrodes’ microstructure, its heterogeneities, and their effect on battery aging and performance. This webinar session at our Spring Virtual Conference on EV… Read more »

GM’s lead battery pack engineer to give keynote address at Charged Virtual Conference in April

General Motors is arguably the most charged of the legacy automakers—the company plans to launch 30 new battery-electric vehicles by 2025 across a wide range of segments, all using its next-generation Ultium platform. Charged is pleased to announce that GM’s Engineering Technical Leader for High-Voltage Battery Packs will deliver a keynote address at our upcoming… Tags: , , , , , , ,

Selecting the right protective conformal coatings for electronic system design (Webinar)

Introducing the right materials early in the design phase of an EV system helps to optimize cost and design. One common challenge is protecting vehicle electronics, PCBs, sensors and components from moisture, electrical shorts, corrosion and more. OEMs and Tier 1 product designers have turned to conformal coatings to optimize their systems to handle these… Read more »

Advantages of modularity when testing an EV’s BMS (Webinar)

With the adoption of electric vehicles in the automotive and aerospace industries, a significant challenge to be tackled is the effective testing and validation of the battery management system (BMS). Using modular, PXI-based switch and simulation modules offers many advantages in testing a BMS including: A fully flexible test system that can be optimized to… Read more »

A multipurpose approach for testing EV power ecosystems (Webinar)

Whether validating new designs, benchmarking supplied products, or end of line production testing, a multipurpose strategy to testing an EV’s power ecosystem may just be what your budget orders. Successful and economic testing begins with vertically minded solutions. Chroma’s approach is a result of the development of multipurpose test equipment that can be applied to… Read more »