Francis Energy and Fuel Maxx partner to expand fast charging network in Houston

EV charging provider Francis Energy plans to expand its network of fast chargers by partnering with Fuel Maxx, one of the largest gas station retail chains in Texas.

Under the agreement, Francis Energy will begin installing its fast-charging stations at 3 Fuel Maxx locations in Houston, with an option to expand to additional locations in the future. This will be Fuel Maxx’s first foray into EV fast charging.

Francis Energy’s current network includes more than 550 fast charging ports at 120 sites in 3 states. Fuel Maxx operates 65 gas stations across the Houston metropolitan area.

“Francis Energy is committed to eliminating range anxiety, which gives confidence to the increasing numbers of drivers making the switch to electric vehicles,” said Francis Energy founder and CEO David Jankowsky. “We are excited about building out our network in the nation’s fourth-largest city.”

“Our goal as a company has always been to serve our customer’s needs,” said Fuel Maxx Energy Supervisor Afsha Maknojia. “As the industry evolves, we will make it our mission to stay ahead of the curve. Fuel Maxx will now begin its journey into alternative energy, with Francis Energy’s EV charging stations.”

Source: Francis Energy


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