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February plug-in sales: Tesla and Chevy battle for the lead, Ford grabs third by a nose

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US plug-in sales are on the rise again – February’s figure of 7,881 was the fourth consecutive monthly record, and an increase of 13% over last February’s 6,951.

The Tesla Model S regained the lead that it briefly lost to the Volt in January – estimated sales were 1,550 units in the US (via InsideEVs). The new Model X posted another modest gain in its third month of volume deliveries, to 400 units. The pressure’s on Tesla as EV fans and investors are watching closely to see if the company can continue to ramp up production. Even more eyes will be on the long-awaited unveiling of the Model 3, scheduled for March 31.

For the Chevy Volt, a modest gain in sales, to 1,126 units, was enough to secure the #2 spot this month. The new 2017 model is now available nationwide, so GM’s historic EREV could be poised for a banner year (especially if the company follows through on recent promises to do a better job of marketing this time).

Ford’s Fusion Energi is on a roll lately – with 932 sales in February, it edged out Nissan for the #3 spot. The 2017 Fusion, which features new software and a more efficient electric motor, is scheduled to arrive at dealerships this summer. The C-MAX Energi keeps plugging along – 490 sales were enough to secure a distant fifth place in February – and the Focus Electric still exists.

Sales of the Nissan LEAF are still in something of a slump. February’s figure of 930 fell far short of 2015’s four-figure monthly tales. The upgraded 2016 LEAF, with a new 30 kWh battery pack that provides 107 miles of range, is now at dealerships, and Nissan is offering discounts and attractive leasing options, so things may pick up.

A wave of new PHEVs is reaching the US market. The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron (on the cover of the current issue of Charged) sold 248, the Hyundai Sonata PHV (last issue) sold 200, and BMW’s X5 xDrive40e PSUV (next issue) sold a healthy 345.


Source: InsideEVs


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