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Musk tweets details of Model X, teases Model Y

Model X Delivery 2

The recent launch of Model X left many Tesla fans with questions about the new ESUV, and Elon Musk has been answering a few of these on Twitter.

Lots of people seem to have questions about the detailed workings of the Falcon Wing doors. Musk clarified that they do have the customary storage pockets, which are rubber-lined to discourage items from slipping out when the doors reach for the sky, and that “you can mount a rack to the roof via suction cups and still have one Falcon door work fine.”

For those of us who were wondering what would happen if two Model X were parked side-by-side, and both pairs of doors opened at the same time, Musk said that the vehicles would recognize each other as intelligent beings, and behave accordingly (a trick humans might be able to learn). He pointed to an article on CNN Money that offers some more info on the dazzling doors.

Will Model X be offered with a smaller battery than the current 90 kWh model? Yes, but “probably around 12 months from now.”

Is the Bioweapon Defense Mode for real? Yes. It “definitely filters viruses, even the small ones. Has hospital operating room level filtering.”

As interesting as these details are, the tweet that got all the media attention was one in which Musk mentioned the prophesied Model Y: “There will be a Model 3 and a Model Y. One of the two will [have Falcon Wing doors].”

There’s no great revelation here – Musk has spoken of Model Y before, and if the Falcon Wings are a success, it’s only logical that Tesla will use them on future models. However, Musk later deleted this particular tweet, instantly imbuing it with mystical significance.

At Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, Musk was asked (around 20:35) to explain why he provoked the punditocracy into paroxysms of pontification by deleting this tweet. The Soothsayer of Silicon Valley simply said, “I deleted that and a dozen other tweets because I had a rambling Twitter history. But it has no significance. I don’t think deleting tweets makes it go away from the Internet.”

Indeed not.


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