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Ford unveils 2017 hybrid and plug-in hybrid Fusions

Ford’s Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has been one of the top-selling PHEVs since its February 2013 debut (it sold 9,750 units in 2015, second only to the Volt).

Now Ford has released some details of the 2017 Fusion (also available in hybrid and legacy gas versions), which is scheduled to arrive at dealerships this summer. Upgrades to the 2017 Energi include new software and a more efficient electric motor.

The 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery remains the same, delivering an electric range of 19 miles.

Smart features include the EcoGuide system, which coaches drivers to maximize fuel economy, cabin preheating and cooling, and the ability to time charging to take advantage of off-peak electricity prices.

The Fusion also has hands-free parallel and perpendicular parking capability, lane-keeping assist and an optional Blind Spot Information System that provides audible and visual warnings if traffic is detected in a driver’s blind spot.

Ford Fusion Energi


Source: Ford


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