Electrify America invests $1.3 million in energy storage program

Electrify America will invest $1.3 million in the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) Energy StorageShares program, which incentivizes energy storage in grid-stressed locations throughout the city.

Through the program, Electrify America will receive recurring credits for the demand reduction needs at its 12 charging stations powered by SMUD in the Sacramento area.

“This program will help address peak energy demands, minimize impacts to the grid, and support the expansion of charging in our community,” said SMUD CEO Arlen Orchard. “A program like this also continues to move us toward a carbon-free economy by enabling higher levels of renewable generation to be integrated with the grid.”

Robert Barrosa, Director of Utility Strategy and Operations at Electrify America, said, “This is a win-win opportunity benefiting all parties involved and a great example of how utilities and the private market can work together to further the deployment of EV infrastructure.”

Source: Electrify America


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