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Volta launches network of free DC fast charging stations

The EVSE market is booming, but the economics of charging for charging still represent a major question mark. Conventional wisdom is that drivers will pay for DC fast charging, but network operator Volta just rebooted the conversation by launching a free, public-access DC fast charging network. Volta, which has provided free Level 2 charging stations… Read more »

Volta adopts new visual design for its ad-funded chargers

Volta, which operates a network of free EV chargers funded via sponsored content, has given its charging stations a new look. The new design includes lighting that communicates charging status and, like previous Volta chargers, the station incorporates 55-inch displays to present advertisements. Volta expects to begin installing the new chargers by the end of… Read more »

Volta Charging partners with LOOM Media to expand free charging network

Volta Charging, which operates a free EV charging network, has announced a partnership with LOOM Media to bring Volta to nationwide scale. Funded through sponsored content, the Volta network is provided to hosts as a free turnkey service, and offers charging at high-traffic locations, at no cost to drivers. LOOM will provide Volta with third-party… Read more »

The Electric Vehicle Charging Association, a new trade group for the charging industry

Several prominent firms in the EV charging industry have formed the Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA), a non-profit trade association created to encourage continued innovation in the field, advocate for pro-EV policies, and serve as a resource for information and expertise. The founding members of EVCA are ABM, ChargePoint, Clean Fuel Connection, Envision Solar, EV… Read more »

Volta builds business on free charging, secures $7.5 million in financing

Charging network operator Volta Industries has closed a $4.5 million Series A capital round and a $3 million project financing facility, giving it the means to expand its current network of 100 public charging stations in California, Arizona and Hawaii. Volta has introduced what it calls a “community engagement model,” in which socially responsible brands… Read more »

Hawaii gets free DC fast chargers

Thanks to a cooperative effort by Mitsubishi Motors, Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) and the State of Hawaii, the first of a network of DC fast charging stations will soon be installed at Ko Olina Resort, an upscale hotel, marina and golf course complex near Honolulu. Eaton’s partner Volta Industries will be installing the CHAdeMO-compliant chargers as… Read more »