Wildcat Discovery Technologies receives second patent for silicon anode electrolytes

Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a company that uses high-throughput methods to develop next-generation battery materials, has received a second patent on its development of electrolytes for silicon anode batteries.

Wildcat’s first patent for this work was awarded in late 2018 and covered the use of sulfolane-based electrolytes. This new patent covers acrylate-based additives which can be used with more conventional solvents.

Wildcat developed the electrolytes under a grant from the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The company’s goal was to develop new non-carbonate-based electrolytes for silicon anodes. It used an accelerated development method to prepare and evaluate several thousand electrolyte formulas.

Wildcat CEO Mark Gresser commented, “DOE funding and guidance made these discoveries possible, and we look forward to commercializing this patented technology to improve EV battery performance with a future license partner.”

Source: Wildcat Discovery Technologies