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GROB, Manz and Dürr to provide battery producers with production tech

Three German firms–GROB, Manz and Dürr, have partnered to provide lithium-ion battery producers with production technologies. According to GROB, the partnership will “offer customers a powerful alternative to existing suppliers, who are mostly based in Asia. The three companies want to set innovative machine standards made in Europe.” GROB manufactures production systems for electric drives…. Read more »

Experiencing silicone shortages in the EV market? Alleviate with battery pack gasket solutions. (Webinar)

Silicones are increasingly being used in the EV market for sealing applications where exceptional performance is required, such as sealing the battery case and battery management system. These materials are valued in particular for their low compression set, excellent protection against external influences and very good fire behavior, which is often qualified according to UL94-V0…. Read more »

Ingevity invests $60 million in silicon anode specialist Nexeon

Chemical and materials company Ingevity has invested $60 million in silicon anode specialist Nexeon. “Ingevity’s funding will enable Nexeon to further develop its proprietary next-generation silicon anode material, NSP-2, and facilitate the construction of manufacturing facilities for the commercialization of Nexeon’s innovative products,” says Ingevity. “With an astounding four times the energy density per gram… Read more »

Addressing today’s challenges for EV battery technologies (Webinar)

Amid the growing interest in battery electric vehicles, the industry still faces numerous challenges to gain wider adoption in the market. Join this session at our Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, presented by Chroma, where we will address the battery-specific issues manufacturers are encountering today. Reserve your spot—it’s free! Other sessions at our Spring… Read more »

ABB introduces a battery manufacturing methodology for new plants

ABB has introduced a new “modular and repeatable” manufacturing methodology designed to facilitate the establishment of new battery plants. ABB’s Plant Optimization Methodology uses electrification, instrumentation, control and digital technology (EICD), the ABB Adaptive Execution project approach, and continual operational support to help battery manufacturers establish new plants and scale up gigafactories. “The methodology leverages… Read more »

CATL’s new ­module-to-bracket battery technology for heavy-duty EVs

Chinese battery giant CATL has unveiled a new battery technology for heavy-duty trucks. It’s not a new chemistry or a new type of cell, but rather a different structure for the battery pack. Earlier this year, CATL unveiled the Qilin Battery, which uses a cell-to-pack architecture (no modules). The latest innovation is what the company… Read more »

Rock Tech Lithium to supply Canadian lithium to Mercedes for processing in Germany

Mercedes-Benz Group AG and the Government of Canada have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore deeper cooperation across all stages of the automotive value chain—from technical development and the extraction of raw materials to production, service life and recycling.   A key focus will be securing sustainable sources of raw materials. Canada, which has… Read more »

TWAICE battery analytics platform promises enormously valuable insights at every point in a battery’s lifecycle

How healthy is your battery pack? As the old saw goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. As the EV ecosystem develops, there will be an increasing need to measure and manage the performance of battery cells. Cell manufacturers need a standardized way to evaluate test data for new cells; EV designers… Read more »

7 must-have features for your EV analytics platform (Webinar)

Data challenges have existed since the “information explosion”, but the rapid pace of innovation is reigniting the need to remain competitive. In the past, as long as you were using data in any capacity, you were sure to grow. But it’s no longer enough to be efficient—to remain competitive, you must be willing to constantly… Read more »

Battery tech firm Iontra closes $38-million Series B funding round

Colorado-based battery technology company Iontra has closed a $38-million Series B funding round with investments from Volta Energy Technologies, Flag Group and others. Iontra says it plans to invest the new funds in its power control technology and battery development software. Iontra says its power control technology could replace CC-CV charging. “We have found a… Read more »