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Cree’s 650 V SiC MOSFETs designed for onboard EV charging

Cree recently released the Wolfspeed 650 V silicon carbide MOSFET series, designed for the next generation of onboard EV chargers, data centers and renewable energy systems.

“Cree is leading the global transition from silicon to silicon carbide, and our new 650 V MOSFET family is the next step in delivering a high-powered solution to a broader application base, including industrial applications,” said Cengiz Balkas, Senior VP of Wolfspeed. “The 650 V MOSFETs deliver power efficiencies that help today’s biggest technology leaders create the next generation of onboard EV chargers, data centers, and energy storage solutions to reshape our cloud and renewable energy infrastructures.”

Cree says its new 15 mΩ and 60 mΩ 650 V devices deliver up to 20 percent lower switching losses than competing silicon carbide MOSFETs, and provide the lowest on-state resistances for higher efficiency and power-dense solutions. Available in surface-mount and through-hole packages, the new MOSFETs enable bi-directional flow in EV onboard charging systems, and can also be used in general-purpose applications such as switching power supplies.

Source: Cree


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