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BRUSA announces a new generation of its inductive charging system

The Swiss firm BRUSA, which makes a range of electric powertrain components, including motors, controllers, power electronics, battery packs and onboard chargers, has started developing a new generation of its Inductive Charging System (ICS).

The new wireless charger runs at 7.2 kW, twice the power of the previous version, with the same footprint. The company plans to unveil a prototype in fall 2014, with a launch date scheduled for 2017.

BRUSA also continues to develop its first generation ICS, which comprises two components, with the power electronics fully integrated. The primary and secondary coil housings contain AC/DC converters, as well as communications and safety equipment for vehicle positioning and foreign-object detection. No external wall box or HF cabling is required.

BRUSA claims its ICS has achieved a power-transfer efficiency of over 90 percent. It is currently testing the system in a small fleet trial, and preparing for mass production.


Source: BRUSA


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