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BRUSA upgrades its NLG664 onboard fast charger

Swiss auto component maker BRUSA Elektronik has given its NLG664 onboard fast charger a performance upgrade. The NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and 30 A single-phase current capability. The flexible input frequency means that the NLG664 can now be operated in countries (such as the US) that use 60 Hz AC… Read more »

BRUSA licenses Qualcomm Halo wireless charging tech

The Swiss Tier 1 power electronics supplier BRUSA Elektronik has licensed Qualcomm’s Halo wireless charging technology. BRUSA has already been working on wireless technology with its ICS wireless charging system. The company has developed its own rectangular coil geometry, which it calls FRAME. The integration of power electronics both in the vehicle and in the… Read more »

BRUSA’s new DTSP1 motor/gearbox combo

Swiss power electronics supplier BRUSA Elektronik has introduced a new electric drivetrain unit that combines a motor and gearbox. The DTSP1 “is optimal for use in sports cars and vans as well as light commercial vehicles due to its low weight and high power density.” BRUSA’s HSM1-10.18.22 motor offers continuous power output of 145 kW… Read more »

Report: EV makers slowly increasing power capacity of onboard chargers

In quest of faster charging times, some EV-makers are gradually raising the power capacity of their vehicles’ onboard chargers. However, a new analysis from Frost & Sullivan predicts that onboard chargers with power ratings between 3 and 3.7 kW will remain the norm, especially in lower-end models, and will account for 62 percent of sales in… Read more »

BRUSA to commercialize WiTricity’s wireless charging system

Massachusetts-based MIT spinout WiTricity has announced a licensing agreement with BRUSA Elektronik AG, a global supplier of EV power electronics. BRUSA will license WiTricity’s IP to commercialize wireless charging systems. BRUSA’s ICS wireless charging system, using WiTricity’s technology, uses a charging pad on the ground to transfer power to a vehicle using magnetic resonance. The… Read more »

BRUSA announces a new generation of its inductive charging system

The Swiss firm BRUSA, which makes a range of electric powertrain components, including motors, controllers, power electronics, battery packs and onboard chargers, has started developing a new generation of its Inductive Charging System (ICS). The new wireless charger runs at 7.2 kW, twice the power of the previous version, with the same footprint. The company plans… Read more »

BRUSA offers electric drive components in 750-volt versions for commercial vehicles

The Swiss firm BRUSA is now offering its electric-drive components, including motors, controllers, power electronics, battery packs and chargers, in 750-volt versions, which are designed for commercial vehicles and applications demanding high output. Increasing the voltage allows the current to be reduced with no loss of performance. This means that cables can be thinner and… Read more »