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Bosch starts volume production of silicon carbide semiconductors

Bosch has started volume production of SiC semiconductors, and plans to expand its production capacity to a unit volume running into the hundreds of millions. The company is also working on a second generation of more efficient SiC chips. 

To meet steadily increasing demand for these semiconductors, Bosch added 1,000 square meters to the clean-room space at its wafer fabrication facility in Reutlingen in 2021. Another 3,000 square meters will be added to house production facilities for manufacturing the semiconductors. Compared with today’s 150-millimeter wafers, Bosch intends to manufacture on a larger wafer size and take advantage of economies of scale. 

“The future for silicon carbide semiconductors is bright. We want to become a global leader in the production of SiC chips for electromobility,” said Harald Kroeger, Bosch Board Member. “Silicon carbide power semiconductors make particularly efficient use of energy. This material’s advantages really come to the fore in energy-intensive applications such as electromobility. By producing on larger wafers, we can manufacture significantly more chips in one production run and thus supply more customers.” 

Source: Bosch 


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