BMW has sold 100,000 EVs and PHEVs, and several new models are on the way


The BMW Group has delivered more than 100,000 EVs and PHEVs worldwide since the launch of the i sub-brand in November 2013. The i3 has sold over 60,000 units, and the i8 has sold 10,000, which makes it the top seller among electrified sports cars, BMW says (for comparison, Tesla sold about 2,400 units of the Roadster). The Bavarians have also sold some 30,000 of the various BMW iPerformance plug-in hybrid models.

The BMW Group now offers seven plug-in vehicles, and more are in the pipeline. Future attractions include a MINI Countryman PHEV expected in 2017, an open-top roadster variant of the i8 in 2018, a pure electric MINI in 2019 and a pure electric X3 in 2020. Early in the next decade, the company plans to introduce a new, larger BMW i model called the iNEXT.

“BMW i remains our spearhead in terms of innovation and it will continue to open up groundbreaking technologies,” says BMW Chairman of the Board Harald Krüger. “When it comes to electric drivetrains, we’ve already successfully managed to put this technology transfer on the road. The next technological advance we will address is automated driving, where the BMW iNEXT will set a new benchmark.”


Source: BMW 

  • Marcus

    This is clearly a biased article. Tesla is on track to produce 100,000 Model S and X’s in 2016 alone. Just using the number of roadsters produced is comparing apples to oranges.

    • John McVicker

      I disagree. Production will be roughly 80,000 at best for 2016.

      • Marcus

        I may be off, but even 80,000 units in 2016 is far different from the 3,200 units in the articles. It is misleading no matter which way you look at it.

    • EV Positive

      Of course BMW will try to make themselves look good! Also, the i8 is PHEV vs Roadster an EV. I think BMW thinks the S and X are a sedan and SUV, whereas i8 and Roadster are sportscars. This is because the S looks like a sedan, while it performs like a sportscar. Lion in sheeps clothing.

    • MorinMoss

      It’s really lame that they compared the i8 to car that has been on sale for FOUR years!