Atom Power’s charging solution charges EVs directly from the circuit breaker

Atom Power, manufacturer of a UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker, has launched a new EV charging solution called PURPL, which charges vehicles directly from the circuit breaker, and incorporates energy management technology to keep electricity costs low.

Because PURPL charges EVs directly from the breaker, the charging station itself does not contain expensive electronics—it’s simply a metal tube or wall box with a charge plug and cable.

“Atom Power is on a mission to enable the electrification of everything,” said Ryan Kennedy, CEO, Atom Power. “Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a natural application of our third-generation solid-state circuit breaker platform, because it provides unparalleled real-time energy management needed to keep utility bills low and reduce the infrastructure required to accommodate EV charging at multi-family and commercial facilities.”

Utilities in states including California and New York have implemented “charge-ready” and “make-ready” programs that offer rebates to property owners to reduce the costs of adding EV charging infrastructure at their buildings. According to Atom Power, Because PURPL charges EVs directly from the circuit breaker, rather than from electronics in a charging station, it can support the goals of these make-ready utility programs.

“Atom Power can help utilities and municipalities reach their transportation electrification goals by providing an infrastructure system that can also charge the cars itself. There is no better make-ready solution,” said Kennedy.

PURPL also addresses large-scale EV charging installations for fleet owners and at multi-family buildings. When multiple chargers are used at these locations, it can lead to expensive utility demand charges.  Atom Power’s Energy Management system can sense and respond to demand changes within seconds.

Source: Atom Power

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