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Atom Power’s charging solution charges EVs directly from the circuit breaker

Atom Power, manufacturer of a UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker, has launched a new EV charging solution called PURPL, which charges vehicles directly from the circuit breaker, and incorporates energy management technology to keep electricity costs low. Because PURPL charges EVs directly from the breaker, the charging station itself does not contain expensive electronics—it’s simply… Read more »

Atom Power to provide digital circuit breakers for NYC multi-family EV charging project

Atom Power has come up with a novel way to simplify charging stations, potentially reducing equipment and maintenance costs. Atom’s UL-listed solid-state digital circuit breaker centralizes the power management system—the smart technology that charges the vehicle resides in the electrical panel, and the charging pedestal or wall box does not contain high-tech electronics. Now technology… Read more »

Atom Power expands into EV charging with digital circuit breaker technology

Circuit breakers are everywhere, providing critically important electrical safety in buildings, vehicles and electrical devices of all kinds. However, this mechanical technology has remained mostly unchanged for a century. Atom Power believes that this lack of innovation is hindering the clean-energy transition, and that digitizing power systems to enable smart communication between electrical sources and… Read more »